Founded in June 2008, Pearson Publishing has defined our unique voice, look and take on the modern world over the past four years. Beginning with the launch of dtown in Doylestown, our group quickly established our goals of promoting the rich artistic culture found in Central Bucks County.

On the heels of our first publication, 54 was founded a year later, focusing on our same core principles but along the banks of the Delaware River. While both magazines flourished, the publications were merged with the hope of creating a larger community rather than than covering each separately. In combination with the two magazines, Pearson Publishing also forged ahead with Latitude, the area smart-zine, debuting in 2010. After 2 years of continued growth, the publication has become a resource for both visitors and community members alike. In the fall of 2012, dtown officially changed its name to Radius Magazine to better represent the whole current of the communities whose stories fill its pages.