Sometimes, anniversaries can catch you by surprise. It was one year ago this month that Blake Lertzman took a chance on going from his family and friend’s go-to fix-it guy to opening dtown tech in the heart of Doylestown Borough. And despite worrying news about the economy and a growing culture of disposable technology, he’s not only survived, he’s thrived. “I really have to thank the community. The reception and support they’ve shown me has been incredible,” Lertzman says. “So much of the business I’ve received has been through referrals. It’s really been an amazing experience.”

And what has people talking? It’s likely Lertzman’s uncanny ability to seemingly fix anything. “We do everything from phone to laptop repairs, as well as upgrades,” he explains. “I also encourage people to bring me their outdated or failing devices. Even if they don’t want it fixed, I’ll take trades or take it off their hands, so their newer technology can be more affordable.”

For more information, go online at or call 267-463-6673.